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Dr. H. Peter Hombach

Osorno’s founder and long-time President, Dr. Peter Hombach, peacefully passed away on December 31, 2016, after a long battle with cancer.

Born in Essen, Germany, in 1943, Peter graduated with a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Műnster. In 1973, he joined the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee as a research scientist, followed by several interesting positions in Illinois and North Dakota.

In 1998, Peter immigrated to Winnipeg with his family and founded Osorno Enterprises, which focuses on providing innovative drinking water and wastewater treatment technology in remote areas. Peter never entertained the thought of retirement. He loved what he did and continued to write microcontroller programs from his hospital bed until a few weeks before his death.

Peter always had many interests in life, and outside the office he was a dedicated winemaker. Unsurprisingly, he used his expertise in chemistry and microbiology to take a scientific approach to creating the perfect wine. His fruit wines garnered compliments from everyone who tasted them.

Peter always wanted to publish a book about wine-making. He started to write chapters of his wine-making book when he was already sick, but was not able to finish his work. We have decided to publish Peter's unfinished book on the website www.wine-cellar.ca. We dedicate this book to the memory of Dr. Peter Hombach – a talented and courageous scientist. The website is still under construction, but is available to public access. Updates are posted as the content is revised or completed.

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