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Disinfectants and Oxidants

150 years ago when chlorine was first introduced as a water disinfectant, it was the only choice for treating drinking water.

Today there are many more options available for disinfecting water: ozone, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, potassium monoperoxysulfate (KMPS) - each of these chemicals is a  disinfectant of a different strength, suitable for different applications. They are all effective for water disinfection, and avoid some of the negatives/complications associated with the use of chlorine.

Oxidants are water additives that remove organic and inorganic components in water and wastewater by a chemical process called oxidation. Ozone, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, chlorine, potassium permanganate, and potassium monoperoxysulphate (KMPS) are well known and widely used oxidants. UV radiation also triggers oxidation by direct photolysis of molecules. One of the strongest oxidants is formed during UV light dissociation of hydrogen peroxide. This reaction produces hydroxyl radicals, the strongest known oxidant in water treatment.

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