Scientific Calculators, Tables & Diagrams

Osorno offers the following useful calculators and tables. We are continually updating and posting these tools as they become available.

We provide these tools on a “best effort” basis and believe them to be correct, but assume no responsibility for accuracy or suitability for different purposes.

These calculators are works in progress and will be posted as they become available.

  • Dissociation Constant of Water and Neutral pH point, depending on temperature
  • Equivalents of Analytical Data (for example, calculation of phosphate into phosphorous and vice versa)
  • Groundwater Type Assignment according to Furtak – Langguth
  • Ion Imbalance of Groundwater
  • ORP Calculation (ORP of select compounds, depending on pH)
  • Oxygen Saturation, depending on temperature
  • Standard Sieve Table
  • Water Hardness