Remote Connectivity

The Internet is a reliable tool for remote connectivity to provide technical support,  troubleshooting, and remote control. Osorno ensures a high level of security with our  SecureWall™.

Where high-speed Internet access is available, SecureWall™ is all that is required for a secure connection, including local networking, supported by the built-in DNS, DHCP, and VPN servers.

If the local network must be spread out, for example to establish a wireless link between buildings, our 900 MHz or our 4.5 GHz radio links can ensure connectivity. Several years ago, Osorno installed a radio link between two control (PLC) systems that continues to function efficiently in a remote Northern community.

When high-speed service is not available, Osorno recommends a satellite link. Osorno’s technical personnel are recognized installers by leading satellite companies, and we have operated satellite systems in various locations for many years.