Automation Components

Osorno is a system integration partner of WAGO Corporation. Osorno is recognized by Wago as a Solution Provider, specializing in water, wastewater, and environmental markets. Osorno prefers a PLC to work with the Wago 750 system of programmable and non-programmable fieldbus couplers (called FBC by Wago) and the associated digital and analogue I/O modules.

Osorno can assist in selecting and configuring WAGO 750 systems, beginning with the selection of the appropriate field bus controller (FBC) that serves as a full PLC, from the wide selection of FBCs available in the 750 series. When tied into Osorno’s SCADA systems, the tasks of remote access and visualization rest with SCADA, instead of the web server built into the 750 series.

For enhanced plant security, it is advisable to shield the plant Intranet with SecureWall™ from the Internet.

The full list of WAGO programmable FBCs can be found on the WAGO website. Below, we show components that we regularly use, and usually have in stock. We recommend downloading WAGO’s Automation eBook. All WAGO components are available through Osorno.

WAGO 750 Series

The 750 series IEC 61131-3 programmable controllers meet the extensive needs of today’s control technology. They support IEC protocols 60870/61850 and are therefore ideal for cross-process automation and networking of telemetry applications.  WAGO controllers  take over the complex control tasks on site, but form the universal interface for the control system.

With a built-in Web server, these programmable controllers provide a convenient way for process configuration and diagnosis. Remote controls save all relevant data upon connection failure and transmit data to the control system. Libraries for e-mail, SQL, HTTP, performance measurement, ETHERNET sockets and file system complete the product range.