Water Filtration

Osorno can accommodate all filtration needs, which depend largely on the selection of filter media. Pressure filters are more popular than non-pressurized (slow sand) filters, due to their much smaller footprint.

Filters require regular backwashing. However, the optimal flow rate for production is different than the optimal flow rate for backwashing. This normally requires the installation of a VFD-driven pump, which Osorno can easily accommodate due to our expertise in system design and integration. Please contact Osorno if you need advice on the type of filter and media for your specific situation.

Intelligent Filter Head

 A process control system, such as Osorno’s intelligent electronic filter head,  is ideal for co-coordinating the operation and backwashing of a water filtration system.  This technology is also advantageous when the rigid timing of mechanical or clock-driven filter heads prevents the adaptation of timing and frequency for meeting water quality requirements.

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Filter System

Osorno supplies complete filter systems upon request. The filter system typically consists of the FRP filter tank, filter media, and usually an intelligent filter head as described above. Osorno always recommends using a regular quartz sand for water filtration. In most cases, ordinary filter media (gravel, sand, garnet) are sufficient, without the need of more expensive “magic” filter media. Our company supplies all sizes of gravel and sand for  filtration needs and provides required media calculations.