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As a bio-environmental company, Osorno offers unique products to fulfill our goal of “Clean Air, Clear Water, and Fertile Soil”.

Our mission is to be at the forefront of environmental science by partnering with leading engineering firms and renowned academic institutions around the globe. As a company, we provide economically and ecologically sustainable solutions to meet the needs of a growing global population.

Osorno specializes in turn-key solutions for water and wastewater treatment. Through our internal design processes and partnerships with engineers, contractors, and distribution partners, we provide technologies, products, and components for environmental control systems to ensure optimal performance. We also offer ongoing maintenance, service and operational support.

We work with private and industrial customers, farmers and animal barn owners, along with local, provincial, and federal governments.

Osorno Enterprises develops almost all of our solutions from in-house research and development projects.   A special service we provide is real-time remote monitoring . For this service, we developed the Osorno automation protocol (OSAUT), an open standard that the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has formally registered.

We also developed a custom built SCADA based on the open source software pvbrowser® for our real-time monitoring system.

Over the course of our 20+ years of operation, Osorno has become an equipment and chemical manufacturer. We build our own electronic boards. Through this implementation, we convert various analogue equipment (sensors, magmeters, filter heads, etc.) into remotely accessible digital devices with their own web browsers. All of Osorno's systems can be accessed remotely via the Internet.

We produce drinking water chemicals that are certified to ANSI60 standards. We also prepare special formulations for animal husbandry and for industrial water treatment.

Our projects and partnerships span the globe.

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