Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Osorno pioneered chlorine dioxide disinfection in Canada, and has installed chlorine dioxide generation systems for more than a decade.

Osorno developed its own chlorine dioxide generator DozOsTM-DIO, which combines enhanced chlorine dioxide production, Intelligent Controls and remote monitoring capabilities. Osorno’s chlorine dioxide generator is equipped with a large touch-screen with SCADA visualisation software and Internet connectivity with different levels of access for remote monitoring.

If you are a member of a municipal council, a consulting engineer, or a regulatory agency, and would like to learn more about advanced disinfection concepts, please contact us.

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Chemicals for Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Chlorine dioxide generators require a feed of equal amounts of 9% hydrochloric acid and 7.5% sodium chlorite solution. Osorno produces and sells chlorine dioxide generation chemicals; a set contains an equal amounts of these two chemical solutions.  Both chemicals have a shelf life of more than a year when stored properly. Osorno maintains accurate concentrations, so that a pump adjustment is only required when the water composition changes.

Chlorine Dioxide products