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SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a concept to control technical processes. SCADA is viewed differently in Europe and in North America. In North America, SCADA is a bundle of human machine interfaces (HMI), supervisory computer systems, PLCs (programmable logic controller), and RTUs (remote terminal unit). The European view is different because it distinguishes between automation levels with an "automation pyramid". This "automation pyramid" is actually an IEC 62264 Enterprise-control system integration standard. IEC 62264 is the ANSI/ISA-95 based international standard for enterprise-control system integration.

Osorno SCADA or OSCADA is our long term research and development project.

OSCADA co-ordinates processes and records process data in databases. PLCs are not part of OSCADA, meaning that PLCs and OSCADA devices operate independently. OSCADA can run on touchscreen PCs with a Linux operating system.

Firstly, we only use Open Source hardware components for SCADA and stay away from proprietary components. Secondly, OSCADA systems send alerts by Internet through email or SMS. Thirdly, OSCADA has cross-platform capability and acts as a server. Thus, OSCADA provides users with local or remote access, independent of the operating system of the remote computer. OSCADA also has an outstanding security level. It provides encrypted data transfer, hierarchical user privileges, highly detailed logs, and a secure connection.

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