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Water Treatment Chemicals

Osorno has been in the water treatment market for more than two decades. Our chemical products cover a wide range of applications such as water, wastewater, industrial water treatment, and water disinfection. We also provide chemicals for agriculture, animal husbandry, greenhouses, lagoons, and swimming pools.

Osorno's drinking water products include not only chlorine dioxide disinfection chemicals, but also other oxidants, such as potassium monopersulfate, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone. Other products for potable water treatment include pH correction chemicals, and flocculation and coagulation chemicals. Our company also produces water conditioning additives for boiler and cooling towers.

As a special service, we offer strategies for treating irrigation water in which particular herbicides will be used. The efficiency of herbicides depends on the water's parameters. We help farmers and herbicide suppliers identify and solve water issues for this application.

The Avalon Institute of Applied Science (Osorno's scientific division) not only distributes LaMotte chemical reagents, but also produces laboratory chemicals, which include volumetric solutions, indicators, testing reagents, etc.

We also produce specialty products for the wine market. Our winemaking additives include not only acidity correctors, but also yeast nutrients, disinfectants, and other wine chemicals.

Information on our products is available on our store website. On our website, we describe each product's application, dosing rate, and packaging. If you cannot find the chemical you need, please send us a request.

The Water Quality Association has certified the following water treatment chemicals:

NSF/ANSI 60 Certified Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals

We always try to solve our customers' problems and help them find economical solutions, not only with chemicals, but also with packaging. Our company is open to any special requests and to any R&D work.

Please contact us with any questions about chemicals and chemical applications.

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