Well Maintenance

It is very important to maintain your well regularly, to ensure optimal water flow and water quality.

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Well Cleaning

When you see the first signs of decreased water flow, it is a time to clean your well. It is a common practice to use a strong hydrocloric acid for well cleaning. This however, can affect the sediment in the water aquifer and the casing of the well itself. Please click on the link below to learn more about Osorno’s special formulations for well cleaning.

More Information on well cleaning solutions.

Well Disinfection

Every well owner knows how important it is to avoid well water contamination with coliform bacteria. Pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms that can be present in well water. We offer kits for testing your well water for slime forming and iron bacteria from the Avalon Store. If you are hesitant to perform these tests yourself, the Avalon Institute lab can always conduct them for you.

It is a common practice to disinfect well water with chlorine, but chlorination is not always effective for eliminating all bacteria and protozoans. Osorno offers a well disinfection solution that contains Chlorine Dioxide, which is a much more effective and safe disinfectant than chlorine.

More information on Osorno’s well disinfection solution.