Osorno Automation

The Osorno Automation Team provides a wide spectrum of automation services. Our specialists are highly trained, experienced, and innovative. We provide services such as building control and automation, water and wastewater treatment plant automation, custom built SCADA systems, remote access capability, and system integration, including satellite communication. Our SCADA systems are unique, allowing us to build highly secure, high performance and flexible solutions.

Osorno strictly adheres to recognized standards, and our automation team uses IEC 61131-3 compliant programming for PLCs. We do not use PLCs for which only proprietary protocols are available; we believe that vendor lock-in is not in the best interest of our clients. Osorno Automation supports the newest XML extension to that standard, and emerging vendor-independent activities such as AutomationML (Automation Markup Language) and FCML (Facility Control Markup Language).

The “chatty” nature of XML often requires a more compact transmission and exchange of data. Owing to the lack of open data exchange protocols with no intellectual property rights, the Osorno Automation Team has developed a new standard called OSAUT, the Osorno Automation standard, as an open standard. OSAUT is formally registered as a standard with IANA, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

In compliance with established standards, Osorno’s hardware uses MAC addresses of which the leading three bytes are the Organizational Unit Identifier (OUI) of Osorno; this OUI is registered with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the official registrar.

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