Aeration Systems

Osorno is the North American distributor of the OXYFLEX® (plastic body) and PERMOX® (stainless steel body) aerators manufactured by Supratec GmbH, a German company. OXYFLEX® and PERMOX® aerators comply with all requirements of modern wastewater treatment technology. These aerators have a high oxygen transfer efficiency to minimize energy cost and demonstrate high dynamic operation range (high ratio of maximum airflow over minimum airflow) to allow adaptability to changing load conditions.

OXYFLEX® and PERMOX® Membrane Diffuser Systems have been optimized for membrane quality by incorporating the most modern perforation system. The rubber composition has proven itself for more than 15 years in activated sludge plants. The tear-proof quality, elasticity, chemical resistance, and ozone and aging resistance all ensure long-term safety in service.

Aerator Characteristics:

  • Available in three different shapes: plates, discs and tubes;
  • Two diffuser types available: membrane and ceramic;
  • Available with choice of membrane material: SupraNorm® (EPDM), SupraSil® (silicone), or SupraDur® (PU);
  • Large aeration area per element;
  • Fine bubbles result in high oxygen transfer values;
  • Accurate response of oxygen transfer to oxygen demand;
  • Low pressure losses, resulting in energy savings;
  • High variability of air flow allows aeration on demand;
  • No water entry into systems during system switch-off;
  • No clogging with sludge;
  • No corrosion as only fibre-reinforced PP or stainless steel  used to support membrane.


  • Biological treatment of waste water;
  • Extending capacity of biological treatment plants;
  • Rehabilitation of overload activated sludge plants;
  • Operation and control of denitrification/nitrification processes;
  • Completely mixed or plug flow plants with or without recycling.