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Clean air, clear water, and fertile soil – this philosophy guides everything Osorno does in water treatment, wastewater treatment, composting and air filtration. A variety of water, air, and soil treatment applications use our processes and products. We design turn-key  solutions to meet the needs of each client.  We  work with small communities, hospitals, First Nations and industry to address their treatment needs and challenges. Osorno has expertise in process control, automation and remote monitoring, which ensures optimal performance solutions. We offer not only maintenance, but also service and operational support for all systems we install.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Applications

We provide water treatment solutions to address the needs of households, hospitals, industries, small communities and ships.

BioCompact® packaged sewage treatment plants are Osorno's wastewater treatment systems. BioCompact® STPs can be scaled for the range from individual residences to industrial and small community applications.

Disinfection Applications

Disinfection processes can be used for many applications. They include not only drinking water, hospital water, industrial and wastewater treatment plants, but also SPAs, swimming pools, ponds and lagoons. Our company introduced and can provide variety and combinations of disinfection options that include chlorine dioxide, potassium monopersulfate, chlorine, UV and ozone.

Surface disinfection came to the forefront after the appearance and quick distribution of  the novel coronavirus (COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2). We do R&D on several surface disinfectants with different chemical composition. Most of them are still in the registration stage with Health Canada. HydroD is Osorno surface disinfectant, that provides reliable elimination of pathogens, which was registered with Health Canada a year ago.

Solid Waste Treatment Applications

Our composting process of solid waste is enhanced not only with the use of our biological composting process, but also completely automated.

Air Treatment Applications

Osorno's air treatment solutions address odour and VOC emissions for industrial, municipal and composting facility applications.

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