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Clean air, clear water, and fertile soil – this philosophy guides everything Osorno does in water treatment, wastewater treatment, composting, and air filtration.

We design turn-key solutions to meet the needs of each client.

We work with small communities to address their water treatment needs and challenges.

Osorno has expertise in process control and automation and remote monitoring, ensuring our optimal performance. Not only do we offer maintenance, but we also offer service and support for all of the systems we install.

Water Treatment Applications

We provide water treatment solutions to address the needs of households, hospitals, industries, small communities, and ships.

BioCompact® is Osorno's line of packaged sewage treatment plants. We can adapt BioCompact® STPs for use in individual residences and small communities.

Water Disinfection Applications

Water disinfection has many applications. These applications include disinfecting drinking water, hospital water, treatment plants, and also spas, swimming pools, ponds and lagoons. We have a variety of options for disinfecting water, including chlorine dioxide, KMPS, and chlorine.

Surface disinfection came to the public eye during the COVID-19 pandemic. We research and develop several surface disinfectants with different chemical compositions.  In 2020, Health Canada registered HydroD™, Osorno's first hard surface disinfectant, into its Drug & Health Product Database.

Solid Waste Treatment Applications

Our solid waste composting process is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also completely automated.

Air Treatment Applications

Osorno's air treatment solutions address odour and VOC emissions from industrial, municipal and composting facilities.

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