Osorno’s services range from water quality assessments, to commissioning of water and wastewater plants.  We can assist with process design, equipment selection and supply, system integration, process control, and supervising system installation. We provide operator training for all of the systems we install and commission.

A significant part of Osorno’s business is based on the maintenance and performance verification of water and wastewater treatment plants. Osorno can provide this service for our plants, as well as those designed and installed by other service providers.

Osorno specializes in remote monitoring of water and wastewater treatment plants. Often this service is provided in conjunction with plant maintenance agreements. However, we can design, install and maintain equipment for remote monitoring of existing plants if this option is required.

Osorno offers solutions for rehabilitation of water wells with two types of well chemicals developed for this purpose. These chemicals are very effective without damaging well pumps and sediments surrounding the well casing.