Process Design

Osorno often works with consulting engineering firms to assist in process design for maximum performance of treatment or production processes. Our company also collaborates regularly in design-build projects.

In water and wastewater treatment processes, our process design is always based on a thorough water or wastewater quality assessment.  Some critical water quality parameters must be analyzed on site,  while many others can be determined at our chemical, microbiological, and electronic laboratories. When required, Osorno involves additional academic institutions to solve challenges associated with process design.

Osorno has gained a reputation as a specialist in process design of systems involving oxidation and disinfection with chlorine dioxide.

When standard solutions don’t work, it is time to turn to Osorno’s specialists.  An excellent example is the case of water quality problems at the Town of Holland, RM of Victoria. In 2004, Osorno successfully implemented a chlorine dioxide water disinfection process. The water treatment plant effectively removed iron and manganese from the well water, eliminating taste and staining issues, at at a fraction of the cost of a reverse osmosis (RO) system.