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Water Treatment

Proper water treatment is essential to human and environmental health.
Any process that produces water must produce water that will comply with the right standards (e.g. Standards of WHO, etc.).
Water is a renewable resource, but extracting fresh water has limitations.  We offer water treatment solutions for a variety of applications. Please read below for some examples of our water treatment applications.

Typical Water Treatment Applications

  • Residential Treatment: Removing unwanted elements and contaminants from untreated well or surface water. Drinking water must comply with required standards (e.g. Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality or Water Standards of World Health Organization).
  • Demineralization/Desalination: When water composition is so complex that treatment by conventional methods is inefficient or not possible. Reverse osmosis is often the only option for supplying communities and industry with potable water in areas when water is laden with minerals, brackish, or is saline.
  • Industrial Treatment: Water must have certain properties to ensure that manufacturing is efficient and that products comply with quality standards. Industrial water processing can begin with filtration and end with reverse osmosis.
  • Cooling Tower Water: Cooling towers need special conditioning to optimize operation and prevent corrosion. Specialty chemicals condition cooling towers for optimal use.
  • Boiler Water: Requires protection from scaling and corrosion. One day of lost production can cost more than chemical treatment for one year.
  • Marine Water: A marine vessel operates as a system where water may be reused. Potable water, wastewater, and ballast water all require treatment.
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