Water Treatment

Water treatment involves making water suitable for various applications or for returning to its natural state. The term “water treatment” refers to two distinct processes: water treatment and wastewater treatment. The water treatment process always depends on the application for which it is required. Each water source is unique and requires a special combination of treatment processes. Water assessments are required prior to process design to determine the optimal treatment processes.

Osorno has many water-related products and technologies at its disposal, ranging from filter media for pressurized sand filters to chemical water additives, and advanced disinfection technologies. Osorno offers on-site and laboratory water quality assessment, which is important to finding the right water treatment technology for a particular application.

Treatment Solutions

Osorno offers mechanical components, equipment and chemicals for the following water treatment processes:

Primary disinfection – for algae control and arresting any biological growth; disinfection with chlorine dioxide, bisulphate bleach or ordinary chlorination.

Oxidation – for removal of dissolved iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, etc.;  aeration, ozone addition, hydrogen peroxide, KMPS, chlorine dioxide, and chlorine.

Flocculation and coagulation –  for removal of organic compounds and colour; addition of coagulants for floc formation, including ferric chloride, aluminum sulphate, polyaluminium chloride, and polyaluminium silicate sulphate.

Coagulation aid – for improvement of coagulation and for thicker floc formation; addition of polymers (non charged, negatively or positively charged).

Filtration – removal of particles from water with pressure filters filled with quartz sand media.

Demineralisation – removal of minerals from water by reverse osmosis (RO) or by nano-filtration.

Secondary disinfection – for maintaining disinfectant residual and preventing water re-contamination; addition of chlorine dioxide or chlorine.