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Solid Waste Treatment

Solid waste is a generic term that includes not only solid waste, but also semi-solid or even liquid waste. Treating solid waste is an important aspect of environmental sustainability. Canada and the US are among the largest producers of solid waste in the world. In 2019, the annual waste production for Canada was 36.1 metric tons per capita while the annual waste production of the United States was 25.9 tons (USA Today). Most solid waste material is still buried in landfills without prior treatment, excluding removal of materials good for recycling.

There are different methods for organic waste treatment. These methods include composting, gasification, pyrolysis, and incineration. One of the commonly used methods with a high rate of sustainability is composting. However, you should know that piling up organic material and letting it rot will never result in high-quality compost.


Composting is a key component in a sustainable waste management program. About 60% of household waste and almost all agricultural waste is valid for composting. Additionally, composting diverts material away from landfills and generates a valuable product for soil. Using compost in the garden improves soil fertility without using chemical or peat-based products. Organic farming is just one example of how valuable and efficient composting can be for agriculture.

Osorno offers composting technology on an industrial scale. Osorno’s CompoFlex® technology is an in-vessel controlled composting process. It yields a clean, high-quality compost called NutriPlenish®. Any organic solid or semi-solid waste is good material for composting.

Composting materials can include farm waste, manure, biosolids, slaughtering waste, and municipal waste (garbage). Our CompoFlex® process generates biologically stable compost within two to three weeks. After curing, the compost is ready for field application.

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