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Hospital Disinfection

Hospital disinfection is critical for the health and well-being of patients, particularly those with compromised immune systems. It is important to consider disinfecting surfaces, water, and the air. Frequently, the dangers posed by the bacterial contamination of tap water receives insufficient attention. Opening a faucet, flushing the toilet, or taking a shower exposes the patient to airborne bacteria thus generated, in addition to possible infection through direct contact.

Osorno has long-term experience in the field of chlorine dioxide disinfection of water distribution systems for post-construction building complexes. In 2006, with the use of chlorine dioxide, Osorno successfully disinfected the complete water distribution system of the Alberta Children's Hospital. In 2013 the complete water distribution system of the Calgary South Health Campus was disinfected using Osorno’s chlorine dioxide disinfection system. The efficiency of both disinfection tasks were confirmed by third party bacterial analyses. Following treatment with chlorine dioxide, all bacterial counts in water samples were negative, and they were still negative years after post-construction treatment. For both hospital facilities, Osorno worked under contract for Lockerbie & Hole, a company of the Aecon Group. Chlorine dioxide was generated using chlorine dioxide generators manufactured by Osorno. After disinfection of the Calgary South Health Campus, Osorno did post-construction disinfection of the water distributions of the following sites:

The disinfection of the complete water system of a hospital may take from 5 days to two weeks, depending on the size of the structure, quantity of distributions and fixtures. The longest time it took in Osorno’s experience was the disinfection of the South Health Campus (16 days). Due to the unique disinfection mechanism of chlorine dioxide, this disinfection can be done within permitted concentration levels of chlorine dioxide, so that the normal operation of the hospital is not affected.

Chlorine dioxide is the best solution not only for post-construction, post-renovation, and prophylactic disinfection of hospital water distribution systems, but also an excellent solution for personal care homes, university science campuses, laboratories, and other buildings where water distributions must be guaranteed 100% free of any contaminants and pathogens. Chlorine dioxide disinfection of the water distribution is the best solution from all available options because it is persistent in water, including hot water, making it the sole chemical disinfectant efficient against Legionella. Chlorine dioxide acts quickly – at normal usage concentrations, its germ killing rate is very efficient, even if they are multiple-drug resistant (MDR).

Presentation about Hospital Post-Construction Disinfection

Chlorine dioxide is an equally good option for the disinfection of building spaces both with and without human presence. For surface or space disinfection, Osorno’s portfolio of disinfectants extends beyond chlorine dioxide – please inquire via our manufactured by Osorno form.

Every hospital disinfection project is unique and requires special planning and preparation. Osorno offers services and products which target surface and water disinfection. Please complete our manufactured by Osorno if you are interested in finding out how Osorno can help with your hospital or care home.

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