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Hospital Disinfection

Hospital disinfection is critical for the health and well-being of patients because many of them have compromised immune systems.  It is important to consider disinfecting hospital surfaces, water, and the air. In particular, hospitals must frequently watch out for the possible contamination of tap water. Opening a faucet, flushing the toilet, or taking a shower can expose patients to possible infection.

Osorno has proven itself in the field of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) disinfection of water distribution systems for post-construction facilities. The first disinfection job we did in 2006 was for the Alberta Children's Hospital. In 2013, we disinfected the water distribution system of the Calgary South Health Campus. Following treatment, third parties confirmed negative bacterial counts from both facilities and they remained negative years after treatment. Osorno also disinfected the water distribution systems of the following sites after their construction:

Disinfection Details

The disinfection of the complete water system of a hospital may take from 5 days to two weeks, depending on the size of the hospital.  In particular, it took Osorno only 16 days to disinfect the South Health Campus in Calgary.  Within permitted concentration levels of chlorine dioxide, hospitals are still able to operate while disinfection takes place.  

Chlorine dioxide is the best solution for post-construction and post-renovation disinfection of hospital water distribution systems. It is also an excellent solution for personal care homes, university campuses, laboratories, and other buildings where water must be sterile. As a disinfectant, chlorine dioxide persists even in hot water, making it the sole disinfectant efficient against Legionella.   At normal concentrations, chlorine dioxide's germ killing rate is still very efficient, even if germs are drug-resistant.  

Read through our presentation about Hospital Post-Construction Disinfection

Every hospital disinfection project is unique and requires special planning and preparation. Please complete our Request for Assessment if you are interested in finding out how Osorno can help with your hospital or care home water disinfection.

Request our White Paper about Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections from Tap Water.

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