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Disinfection of Hospital Water in Calgary, Alberta

Osorno has successfully used chlorine dioxide disinfection technology to treat water distribution systems in hospitals.

Medical specialists have determined that the legal limit for chlorination (1 mg/l) is insufficient to disinfect newly connected pipes.  In their study, they used Pseudomonas spp. as a proxy for infection danger to patients. Initial samples from the water distribution system indicated the presence of Pseudomonas spp. Following treatment with chlorine dioxide, these levels dropped to zero.

Given the vulnerable condition of many hospital patients, infection via airborne bacteria from faucets and flushing toilets is a major concern. Chlorine dioxide is ideal for treating water in health-care facilities that serve patients with suppressed immune systems.

Alberta Children’s Hospital, Calgary, Alberta

In 2006, Osorno disinfected the water distribution system of the newly-built Alberta Children’s Hospital. Despite the high level of chlorine (1 mg/l) in the water from the City of Calgary and a working UV disinfection system, high levels of Pseudomonas spp. were still present at many of the hospital's faucets. Osorno flushed the hospital's system completely by adding 1 mg/l chlorine dioxide and bacteria levels dropped to zero at all faucets.

Chlorine dioxide is effective at fighting bacteria, viruses, and protozoans, including drug-resistant microbes commonly found in hospital settings.

South Health Campus, Calgary, Alberta

In 2012, Osorno disinfected the distribution system of the newly-built South Health Campus. Chlorine dioxide disinfection was applied to all water distribution systems, including potable water, hot water, and toilet flush water. The efficiency of chlorine dioxide at the hospital was confirmed by third-party bacterial testing.

Chlorine dioxide is sufficiently stable in hot water systems to prevent the development of Legionella bacteria, which was a main concern of medical authorities during this project.

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