Additional Projects

Osorno is involved in ongoing research and development efforts to address challenges faced by our clients. Our staff has varied scientific expertise, including the design, construction, installation and maintenance of equipment and electronics.

Water Assessment Study

Osorno undertook numerous water assessment studies for Neskantaga First Nation, Eahametoong First Nation and other comunities to determine the requirements for upgrading their water treatment systems. The projects consisted of seasonal on-site study and laboratory components. All findings were finalized in a series of reports provided to the communities.

Noodle Dryer Upgrade for the Canadian International Grain Institute

This project consisted of upgrading the pilot scale Noodle Fryer control cabinet and integration of a new set of sensors at the Canadian International Grain Institute. The upgrade involved programming the Noodle Fryer and installation of a more flexible process control. PID controllers and sensors manufactured by Azbil Corporation were used in this project.