BioCompact® Wastewater Treatment Projects

BioCompact Ltd. is a corporation of the Osorno Group, which specializes in packaged wastewater treatment plants. BioCompact Ltd. applies Osorno’s advanced control technologies to enable BioCompact® systems to operate largely unattended.

Red Sucker Lake First Nation, Manitoba

Based on the excellent record of a BioCompact® system operating at a federal agency in Northern Manitoba, Health Canada  purchased a similar system for the nursing station of the Red Sucker Lake First Nation in 2013. The system was commissioned in 2014 and is monitored remotely via satellite link under a maintenance contract with Osorno. The maintenance contract includes monitoring Red Sucker Lake First Nation’s water treatment plant, which was designed and installed by another firm.

The consulting engineer for this project was the Winnipeg branch office of Neegan Burnside Ltd.

Federal Agency, Northern Manitoba

Based on the recommendation of JR Cousin Consultants Ltd,  a consulting engineering firm, BioCompact Ltd. was invited to to an initial meeting with representatives of a federal client, and Public Works Canada in 2008. A BioCompact® system was installed to replace a malfunctioning wastewater treatment system. This plant is monitored remotely via satellite link under a maintenance contract with Osorno.

We cannot disclose the client due to security concerns.

Isla Navidad, Colima, Mexico

The resort Isla Navidad installed a wastewater treatment plant with two BioCompact® systems in 1994. Each of these systems was rated for a population of 1,000 people. Owing to the generous safety margins of the BioCompact® systems, by 2006 the plant was treating wastewater produced by 4,400 people – while continuing to meet effluent standards. In fact, the effluent quality is so good, it is used for watering the resort golf course.