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Safe Drinking Water for Summer Camps

Summer camps often find themselves non-compliant with water quality regulations, potentially compromising the health of campers and staff. Any facility that fails to meet water quality standards may be subject to a Boil Water Advisory (BWA), requiring staff to boil potable water before use - a very time consuming and inefficient process.

Camps that use an ultraviolet (UV) system may experience periodic interruptions in production of potable water when UV intensity drops below required levels. These incidences can deprive campers and staff of adequate volumes of high quality water, particularly during the hot and humid summer months.

Have you experienced any difficulties producing enough clean, clear and safe potable water to serve your camp's needs? Do you want to make Boil Water Advisories a problem of the past? Contact us for a no-cost assessment of your water treatment options.

Osorno Enterprises recently installed a small, chemically-assisted water filtration plant ideally suited for summer camps. It took only a few weeks for the installation and commissioning of the new plant water – including the time required to dismantle the old system.

Osorno™ Water Treatment systems can be remotely monitored and operated by our expert staff, with 24/7 support for camp personnel. This eliminates the need for fully trained system operators on-site.

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