Reverse Osmosis and Other Membrane Systems

Osorno collaborates with AquaCare Aquatic Systems Research for its reverse osmosis (RO), nano- and ultra-filtration systems.

Osorno offers a variety of pre-engineered, packaged industrial and domestic systems from small to large sizes.

  • The small packaged RO wall units produce from 0.6 to 3.6 m3/d with flow from 25 to 150 L/h respectively. System dimensions are 100 x 95 x 30 cm.
  • The medium size packaged skid mounted RO systems produce from 6 to 24 m3/d with flow from 250 to 1,000 L/h respectively. Approximate system dimensions are 1.6 x 1.4 x 1 m.
  • The large size┬ápackaged skid mounted RO systems produce from 120 to 6,000┬ám3/d with flow from 5 to 250 m3/d respectively. Maximum foot print is 6 x 1.3 m, height is up to 2.5 m.
  • Customized systems are also available.

The performance information is given for the following inlet water quality: iron less than 0.1 mg/l, manganese less than 0.05 mg/l, barium and strontium are below detection limit, chlorine less than 0.1 mg/l.

Depending on the the raw water quality, pre-treatment options are available. Please enquire.

You can send us water analyses and we will run preliminary calculations for the required sizing of a membrane system.

Industrial RO

Domestic RO