Surface Disinfection

Surface disinfection is a method of eliminating and/or inactivating pathogens on inanimate surfaces. The frequency and extent of the disinfection depends on the application, ongoing situation, and risk potential. During surface disinfection, microorganisms, fungi, and viruses are destroyed or deactivated, which results in their termination or the prevention of their growth and reproduction. In general the inert surfaces can be subdivided into several types: Domestic, Workplace and Public Place, Healthcare Facilities and Nursing Homes, and Animal Farms. Despite a tremendous difference, all of them require cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection.

Typical Surface Disinfection Applications

Domestic Surface Disinfection is crucial for the health of family members. Domestic surfaces include all varieties of inanimate surfaces found in the household – toilets, baths, showers, doors, tables and desks, kitchen countertops, cabinets, appliances, floors, etc..

Office and Public Place Surface Disinfection is very important. Keeping a workplace clean and free of pathogens can be a major challenge. Everyone has experienced the office emptying out during flu outbreaks and cold seasons, or being paranoid with everyone sneezing. In general, any workplace (offices, schools, and work sites) as well as a Public Places (stores, restaurants, theatres, etc.) can be incubators for germs, because not only is everyone in a contained space, but common areas and fixtures are also used regularly – kitchens, bathrooms, door knobs, stair railing, light switches, etc. For this reason, disinfection of hard surfaces in the workplace and in public places is critical to general health.

Surface Disinfection in Healthcare Facilities is very different from the disinfection of Domestic and Office surfaces, namely because hospitals deal with sick people, who from one side have compromised immune systems, and from the other, are a source of infection.

Surface Disinfection in Animal Husbandry is not often as prominent as other types of surface disinfection. But surface disinfection in animal facilities is the key issue for animal health, as well as a farm’s well-being and productivity.