Wastewater Treatment

Osorno offers solutions to address a variety of wastewater treatment needs, from those of individual residences, to small communities, and for industrial and agricultural purposes.

Typical Wastewater Applications

Residential Wastewater Treament includes treating liquid household waste from several sources – toilets, baths, showers, and kitchens.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment is required when water is required for a  number of industrial uses, and it must be conditioned prior to re-use. Before discharge into public utility wastewater treatment systems, industrial wastewater must be treated to ensure that water quality regulations are met.

Agricultural Wastewater Treatment – Agricultural wastewater typically has high BOD and phosphate concentrations. Such wastewater streams can be treated by biological nutrient removal systems, which reduce nutrient content of the wastewater by more than 100 fold.

Water Reuse is becoming more common as population growth, droughts, and other catastrophic events put limits on water renewability. Water re-use is particularly important in areas already experiencing shortages in water supply. Good examples are the re-use of treated wastewater for irrigation, and the collection of rain water fo flushing of toilets. For example, treated effluent of BioCompact® STPs is used for irrigation in Mexico.