Water Treatment

Proper water treatment is essential to human and environmental health. Osorno offers water treatment solutions for a variety of applications listed below.

Typical Water Treatment Applications

Residential Water Treatment involves purifying water through the removal of unwanted elements and contaminants from untreated well or surface water. Drinking water must comply with required standards (e.g. Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality or Standards of World Health Organization).

Demineralisation or Desalination is used in cases where water composition is so complex that treatment by conventional methods is inefficient or impossible. Demineralisation or desalination by reverse osmosis is often the only option to supply communities and industry with potable water in areas where water is high in mineral content, brackish, or saline.

Industrial Water Treatment is required for water used in industrial processes. Industrial water must have appropriate properties to ensure that the manufacturing process is efficient, and that products comply with quality standards.

Water Treatment for Cooling Towers requires specially conditioned water that is disinfected to optimize cooling tower operation.

Boiler Water Treatment ensures the optimal operation and protection of boiler equipment. One day of lost steam production can cost more than a complete set of chemical treatments for boiler water for one year.

Marine Water Treatment is required for ships, yachts and offshore platforms. A marine vessel operates as a completely or partially closed system as water may be reused or recirculated for different processes. Treatment is required for potable water, wastewater, and ballast water.