Osorno Electronics

Osorno continues to develop small electronic devices to maximize efficiciency of process automation and control systems.

Electronic Relay

Osorno has developed an electronic relay with the following features:

  • Switching at zero-cross, for the minimization of radio frequency interference (RFI);
  • No in-rush current of motors through the current-limiting characteristic via NTC; and
  • Surge protection against transients of > 1.4 kV.

These relays are available for various currents, in a single-phase version for 110 V – 250 V AC, and 3-phase for nominal 600 V.

Dosing Pump Interface

Dosing pumps are often used as stand-alone units with little communication with the rest of the world. In the many cases where system integration is required (as in most treatment plants), communication with a PLC and/or SCADA system is critical.

Often, the timing cycle of these external devices does not match the requirements of a pump. Osorno has developed  a dosing pump interface with the following features:

  • The rising flank of an incoming pulse of any length is converted into a 10 – 12 ms inverted or non-inverted pulse on the output, limited to a frequency of 2.5 Hz. This satisfies most diaphragm metering pumps on the market, and protects them from insufficiently co-ordinated trigger pulses.
  • For verification of the execution of a trigger pulse, inductive rings are frequently used. Osorno’s dosing pump interface converts these pulses into a 40 ms output pulse to assure that a connected PLC or SCADA system registers the activity.