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PowerOxide™ powder kits are used for the production of chlorine dioxide, the universal air, water and surface disinfectant. PowerOxide™ MD powder kits, when dissolved in the corresponding volume of water contain ~0.2-0.25% of chlorine dioxide and can be used for surface spraying and fumigation.

Please download the PowerOxide™ MD User Manual for application instructions.

PowerOxide™ MD: 1 l  kit –     $5.90

PowerOxide™ MD: 4 l kit –     $8.50

PowerOxide™ MD: 20 l kit –  $33.60

PowerOxide™ MD: 80 l kit –  $99.60


DisOx™ is a multi-purpose surface cleaner and disinfectant packaged as powder in 1 kg packages and 5 kg packages.

Please download the DisOx™ User Manual for application instructions.

DisOx™: 1 kg – $30.00

DisOx™: 5 kg – $100.00

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide 12% should not be used undiluted for surface spraying. Dilution instructions are included in the user manual. Please use protective clothing (gloves, goggles, apron) when performing dilutions. HydroD is used for surface applications (may bleach fabric).

Please download Hydrogen Peroxide User Manual for the application instructions.

Hydrogen Peroxide 12%: 20 l delcan – $57.60

Hydrogen Peroxide 12%: 4 l jug – $16.60

HydroD: 4 l jug – $11.00

Fungicide #1: 4 l jug – $35.40

Isopropyl Alcohol Products

Isopropyl Alcohol 80% can be used for surface and skin disinfection, for laboratory purposes, and also for the removal of chemical stains from plastic and glass surfaces.

Isopropyl Alcohol 80%: 4 l jug – $43.04

Hand Sanitizer w/Isopropyl Alcohol  75% v/v: 250 ml sprayer bottle – $11.03

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