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Pilot Projects

Osorno will always begin a new task with laboratory testing in Osorno's well-equipped laboratories, usually through a full water quality assessment study. This is often followed by a pilot study, either upon Osorno's recommendation in the assessment report, or the request of the client or his consulting engineer.

Speaking generally, a pilot study will confirm viability and scalability and enable proposed processes and procedures to be tested. It will confirm the appropriateness and safety of any processes proposed and also confirms that any working practices are safe and comply with organisational and statutory standards. It also enables the benefits to be tested and a more reliable investment appraisal to be created for the main project.

Several of Osorno's pilot projects or the resulting full-scale implementations have been published by Osorno and/or the collaborating consulting engineer in professional journals or as presentations at professional conferences.

Typically, clients and/or their consulting engineers request pilot or demonstration projects on the following technologies, or combinations thereof, which Osorno is prepared to conduct:

  • Chlorine dioxide disinfection;
  • Pre-oxidation with hydrogen peroxide, monopersulfate, or others;
  • Filtration, including multi-media filters;
  • Reverse osmosis (RO);
  • Nano- or ultrafiltration;
  • Ozonation;
  • xxx
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