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Pond & Pool Chemicals

Osorno offers a number of pond and pool chemicals to help keep your water clean, clear, and safe. Before using these chemicals, we advise you to discuss the water treatment program that will help you achieve a long lasting effect with minimal chemical usage.


BlueWave™ is a mix of food-grade pigments that suppresses algae growth and cyanobacteria by weakening the colours that chlorophyll depends on.

This mixture does not contain any herbicides or algaecides.

BlueWave™ adds an aesthetically pleasing blue-green shade to water and is safe to use in ponds and swimming pools.

We sell BlueWave™ in 4 litre bottles.

Download our BlueWave brochure


This formulation is a multipurpose algaecide for use in pools and lagoons.

CuproCitrol™ is an original recipe of classic copper-based additives and effectively combats the growth of algae, fungi, bacteria, and viruses in water.

We sell CuproCitrol™ in the Osorno Store in 4 litre bottles and 20 litre delcans.


KMPS (potassium monopersulfate) is a highly active oxidant that is very effective at disinfecting swimming pools and lagoons.

It is an odourless white powder that dissolves easily in water, sanitizing and improving water clarity without the carcinogenic trihalomethanes (THMs) that chlorine produces.

KMPS will not cause skin irritation, making it ideal for use in public swimming pools.

We sell KMPS in the Osorno Store in 1kg, 5kg, and 20kg packages.

Download our KMPS brochure

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