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Antimicrobial Agents

Antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral agents pacify pathogens on inanimate surfaces, in water, and in the air. Not all antimicrobial agents have the same disinfection spectrum, which is why the choice of disinfectant depends on its application. There are disinfectants that target particular or numerous groups of pathogens.

Disinfectants are different from other antimicrobial agents, such as antibiotics, (which destroy micro-organisms within the body) antiseptics, (which destroy micro-organisms on living tissue) and biocides, (which destroy all forms of life, not just micro-organisms).

Disinfectants work by destroying the cell wall of micro-organisms, interfering with their metabolism, destroying their RNA, and deactivate viruses and kill bacterial spores.

Osorno offers antimicrobial agents with a wide spectrum of disinfection activity that kill micro-organisms and deactivate viruses.

These disinfectants have the following chemical agents in their formulations: chlorine dioxide, potassium monopersulfate, and hydrogen peroxide.

Osorno also offers isopropyl alcohol hand sanitizer.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers do not replace hand washing.

You should still be cleaning your hands with soap and water.

Hand sanitizers are less effective at killing pathogens than handwashing and hand sanitizer cannot remove soil or chemicals from hands.  The efficiency of hand sanitizers depends on their proper application and composition.

In general, there are two types of hand sanitizers: alcohol-based and non-alcohol based. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain either ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.

The main active ingredient of non-alcohol based hand sanitizers are usually Quats (quaternary ammonium compounds) or polychloro phenoxy phenol compounds.

Non-alcohol based hand sanitizers are usually less effective than alcohol-based ones.

In the Osorno Store, you can purchase our Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 75%,

Isopropyl Alcohol

“Alcohol” refers to two water-soluble chemical compounds — ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and isopropyl alcohol (propanol).

Alcohol has bactericidal, fungicidal, and viricidal properties, but it is still not effective against bacterial spores.

The optimal bactericidal concentration of alcohol solutions is 60–90% in water.

In the Osorno Store, you can purchase our Isopropyl Alcohol 80%.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a very strong oxidant that is effective against viruses, fungi, and bacteria. As a disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide takes longer to act than chlorine dioxide and KMPS. You can use hydrogen peroxide as a water oxidant/disinfectant at concentrations between 30 and 300 mg/l (depending on water composition and application).

For surface disinfection, hydrogen peroxide should be at concentrations above 0.5% (5,000 ppm).

It is important to remember that hydrogen peroxide may bleach surfaces and fabrics.

In the Osorno Store, you can purchase our HydroDTM hard surface disinfectant jugs or Hydrogen Peroxide 12% (for water applications) in 4 l jugs and 20 l delcans.


The PowerOxide™ kit consists of two powder components – PowerOxide™ A and PowerOxide™ B – to produce chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine dioxide is a fast-acting multipurpose disinfectant effective against single cell micro-organisms. The concentration of chlorine dioxide produced from our PowerOxide™ kits ranges from 0.15 to 0.2% (1,500-2,000 ppm).

In the Osorno Store, you can purchase PowerOxide™  (ANSI60 certified, chlorine dioxide concentration 0.15%) and PowerOxide™ MD kits  (chlorine dioxide concentration 0.2%).

Instructions are provided in their respective manuals.

DisOx™ Disinfectant

DisOx™ is a powerful multipurpose disinfectant with antimicrobial properties.

The main disinfecting ingredient in DisOx™ is potassium monopersulfate (KMPS).

KMPS is the strongest oxidant used for disinfecting water. Its oxidation potential exceeds even that of hydrogen peroxide and ozone.

DisOx™ is typically used for cleaning up potentially infectious spills, shock oxidation, and for disinfecting water distribution pipes, lagoons and ponds, and soaking equipment.

It does not bleach or stain a large variety of surfaces, and is not UV sensitive.

In the Osorno Store, you can purchase DisOx™ Powder in 1kg, 5kg, and 20kg containers.

Instructions are provided in the User Manual.

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