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Winemaking Chemicals

Due to requests from our clients, Osorno stocks a number of winemaking chemicals in our warehouse.  Making good wine requires a lot of patience and knowledge.

The chemicals below help balance taste, regulate alcohol content, clarify, and preserve wine.

Calcium Lactate

In food processing, calcium lactate removes harmful concentrations of oxalic acid, which is particularly important when processing fruit such as rhubarb.

The Osorno store sells calcium lactate in 500 g jars.

Citric Acid

Naturally present in most fruits (especially lemons and raspberries), citric acid is quite inexpensive.  However, it can impart a sharp pronounced acidic taste.

We sell citric acid as a fine crystalline powder in 1 kg jars.

Fumaric Acid

Fumaric acid provides a fruity-acidic taste and works best with with tartaric acid.

Osorno sells fumaric acid in 1kg jars.


Glucose breaks down during the fermentation process to create alcohol.

Glucose should be available to yeast in a sufficient amount at the beginning of fermentation.

We sell glucose as a fine crystalline powder in 700 g jars.


With a natural sweetness factor of 1.2, fructose ferments less easily than glucose, and for this reason, winemakers prefer fructose for raising residual sweetness in wine.

We sell fructose as a fine crystalline powder in 1kg jars.

Sulfur Dioxide

Sulfur dioxide is produced when sodium metabisulfite or sodium hydrogensulfite is added to "stabilize" wine. Our product replaces Campden tablets.  We sell sulfite solution for wine in 1 L bottles, of which 1 mL is for 1 L of wine, producing 50 mg/L of sulfur dioxide.

Tartaric Acid

Tartaric acid is the main acid in grapes. It is a natural fruit acid with a clear and neutral taste. For this reason, tartaric acid should be the preferred acid in making fruit wine.

Our tartaric acid comes from Italian wine and we sell it as a crystalline product in 1 kg jars.

Composite Yeast Nutrient

Osorno's Composite Yeast Nutrient is a mix of several food-grade substances for optimal yeast development. Our product does not contain potentially harmful urea often found in other yeast nutrients.

Osorno sells Composite Yeast Nutrient as a powder in 50 g jars.

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