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Agricultural Fungicides

Based on requests from several of our clients, Osorno has formulated two agricultural fungicides. We developed Fungicide #1 after observing the effects of specific chemicals on wheat seeds, vine leaves, and other plants. 

Lime & copper compounds have been used as fungicides for more than a century.

The best known copper-based fungicide is probably “Bordeaux mixture”, which is a mixture of dissolved copper sulfate (“bluestone”) in a hydrated lime slurry. 

Bordeaux mixture has its drawbacks, which has led to the development of fungicides based on biocidal chemicals or micro-organisms that inhibit fungi and their spores.

Osorno's fungicides are all-purpose fungicides, while Fungicide #2 is also an algaecide.  

Our fungicides comply with the requirements of organic agricultural production.

Fungicide #1

Osorno sells Fungicide #1 (a blend of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid) for the treatment of mildew. With a single application, Fungicide #1 destroyed mildew that developed on grapes before harvest in a client's vineyard.

Fungicide #1 leaves no residue and is therefore safe for use up to the time of harvest.

We sell Fungicide #1 in 4 L bottles, or in 20 L delcans upon request.

You must dilute 1 L of Fungicide #1 with 100 L of water, or 1/2 gal with 50 gal water.

Fungicide #2

Osorno sells Fungicide #2, a fungicide and algaecide containing CuproCitrol™, an original recipe of classic copper-based additives. This product safely and effectively combats fungi in agricultural applications and algae in ponds.

If you would like to purchase a fungicide for agricultural applications and an algaecide for pools & lagoons, we sell CuproCitrol™ in 4 L bottles or in 20 L delcans upon request.

You must dilute 1 L of this fungicide with 100 L of water, or 1/2 gal with 50 gal water.

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